Our Mission

Diverging Elements Theatre Co. is committed to devising original and culturally diverse stories for the stage by drawing from the elements of art, body, literature, nature, history and film. Employing a collaborative ensemble of artists, we aim to provide our audiences with a visceral human experience through mis-en-scène movement and basic narrative in order to spark thought, stimulate discussion and initiate change.


Our Name

An element is significant, however when paired with another, it becomes a force with purpose.


Elements of Nature

Earth ∙ Water ∙ Air ∙ Fire

Elements of Visual Art

Line ∙ Shape ∙ Form ∙ Value ∙ Texture ∙ Color ∙ Space

Elements of Dance

Body ∙ Action ∙ Space ∙ Time ∙ Energy

Elements of Film

Image ∙ Motion ∙ Sound ∙ Lighting ∙ Sequence ∙ Composition