Diverging Elements Theatre Co. provides younger audiences with a theatrical experience like never before! Using the magic of physical and improvisational storytelling, our shows challenge the student to spark thought, stimulate discussion and initiate change.



Educational Outreach Programs for Young Audiences:


Our workshops allow students to experience theatre by raising awareness of important issues, asking tough questions, and inspiring the younger generation. Each workshop includes a creative lesson plan, study guide, and craft to stimulate classroom discussion.

Lesson Plans:

Storytelling 101

What is Devised Theatre?

What is a Backstory?


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Company Ensemble:

Our Company Ensemble is a new volunteer program comprised of individuals who meet at our “studio sessions” to collaborate and create independent and/or group pieces that are relevant to our mission statement. We look to collaborate with and invite new performers into a thriving, supportive, and artistic working environment throughout the year.

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Backstory (n):

back.sto.ry  /bak store/

an original movement-based performance piece created to highlight incredible people who overcome the toughest odds and prevail victoriously in fighting for what they believe in.

Stories we've told (so far):

 For all ages:

Anne Frank

For 2nd - 6th Grade:

Rosa Parks, Inez Milholland

For teens & adults:

Kimberly Reed, Cheryl Strayed, Lawrence King 

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Stories in 4D:

An interactive multimedia storytelling experience with performances, hands-on crafts individually created to promote and explore stories written and illustrated by local New York authors and artists.



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